Friday, February 24, 2006

so....its been awhile
i must say, its funny how life changes
and how life changes you.

time is passing....has, in fact, already passed.
much has happened..... feelings have changed. my heart has gone through a lot....
memories are sweet but distant.
much is distant.....

im starting over.
a new life....
its still in the works (but isnt it always?)
someday i'll be doing missions fulltime, but for now im looking into careers to pay off school debt......

but i cant wait to go.
OH i just cant WAIT!
im becomming more and more ready to go ANYWHERE....
i just want to help people,
im through trying to impress.
im through trying to get a life mate and all that distracting stuff.....
its just me and God right now and im doing just fine with that.
right now, this is exactly how it needs to be, so im going to enjoy it

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