Sunday, September 21, 2008

im thinking of bringing back my shorter hair days.
my locks are achin' for VOLUME!

thoughts please.

i find it odd how often i make my bed these days.
surprisingly, its much easier to make a queen bed than my former twin.
mostly because i no longer succeed in inadvertently tossing the majority of my bedding off in the middle of the night like i did with the twin.
ergo, much less to straighten and tidy.
i gotta say, it really is so nice to come home from a trip and see a nicely made bed waiting for me.
makes everything look cleaner.

good heavens, im becoming my father.
(either that or hotel rooms are spoiling me)

so, running as often as i have been and avoiding sugary desserts and whatnot seems to have had no real impact on my weight.
if anything, ive gained, and thats just messed up if you ask me.
i mean, whats the point of trying so hard if you get no results?
im about to throw in the towel and say the heck with it---go back to eating my sweets and get all lazy.
but im sure that will only lead to the diabetic curse that seems to run rampant in my family
and, thanks.

that aside, theres not much else to say.
except this:

He loves us, O how He loves us...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

there's a guy at a certain Starbucks i frequent who bugs me.
ive never interacted with him, but the reason for my irritation lies in what he DOES.
no matter how early i get there, he gets there before me, and no matter how late i stay, he stays later.

and he sits in my seat.

i mean, ok, its not mine PERSAY, but its the table i prefer when im photo editing because its got the best lighting.

the worst thing is that he's almost never actually SITTING there.
he has his computer stuff all splayed out, marking his territory,
but the majority of the time he's outside smoking, or talking on his cellphone, or just disappearing altogether.
one time he was gone for a good hour and a half,
yet all his stuff stayed put.

and he doesnt even DO anything.
when he's actually AT his computer (which, of course, is a Mac. dont even get me started..)
he's just surfing the web.
yesterday he was browsing political articles on,
commenting on articles, occasionally visiting a blog or two,
but never doing anything that actually resembled WORK.

maybe i need to take this Starbucks out of my rotation,
because he apparently never leaves.

oh well.
the lighting sucks anyway.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

this is from ben's blog:

The opposite of complaining is leading...

If you don't like a decision your boss makes, lead up.
If you don't like your office culture, lead around you.
If you don't like your circumstances, lead through it.
If you don't like your church's short-comings, lead out.

Complaining is a sign of giving up. It's admitting that you're a follower, not a leader. A leader is a never a victim. But someone who sees that all conditions are subject to change with the right influence.

i liked it.

so i stole it.

thanks ben.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

i never really understood what was so undesirable about the dreaded "middle seat"

i mean, no, it wouldnt be my FIRST choice
but it's not as bad as people make it out to be.

look at it this way:
if you're sitting in the middle,
you only have to inconvenience ONE person if you need to get out of your seat,
whereas the person at the window is pretty much just stuck there for the duration.

you also are only ONE seat away from a window view,
which is better than the guy on the aisle who, being where he's at, will never get to know what Chicago looks like from 30,000 ft.

so, really, how can this equidistance be so bad?
you gotta look at it from a different perspective, people.