Thursday, March 04, 2010

so apparently Ovechkin was on my flight from Chicago the other day and i totally didnt realize it was him.
he and his people were traveling together, dressed in Russian Olympian attire--i wanted to say hi to them cause i was like "hey cool, russian olympians!".
but then i saw them in baggage claim and i was like "hmm thats odd...i woulda thought if they were from russia they'd be catching a moscow flight today, not staying....maybe theyre going sightseeing?"
so when i passed by them, i said "Dosvedanya" to him and he whipped around and did a double take and said bye.
i saw him outside too and waved and he gave me that little head jerk thing and a smile. i looked him up when i got home to see what sport they were involved with and BOY did i feel like an idiot.
i totally forgot Ovechkin played for Russia during the olympics!
so many friends who are fans and the moment gets wasted on me.