Wednesday, August 27, 2008

here's a random thought for you:

in all those crime investigation shows, when someone gets murdered in a hotel room
have you noticed how they always assume (and are right) that any DNA they find at the crime scene (fingernail clippings, hairs, bodily fluids, etc)
is linked to the murder/suspect/victim somehow?

i mean, really, how do they know its not just a poorly cleaned hotel room?

now, quite obviously iive been in a LOOOOOOT of hotel rooms, most pretty darn clean, but some have been real dives. and sometimes, in the dives AND in the more upscale ones, the cleaning staff misses a thing or two.
take today, for example.
im staying at a very nice, recently renovated Marriott hotel in Orlando.
this morning, as i was drying my hair, i noticed a small fingernail clipping imbedded in the carpet.
mine? certainly not.
i dont blame cleaning crews for this--they do a really good job, most of the time--but obviously, sometimes the vacuum doesnt pick up everything its supposed to.

so what if that hotel room turned into a crime scene?
someone would find that fingernail clipping, run DNA scans, and poor Mr. Billy Bob Jones of Luckenbach, TX would suddenly be pegged as a key suspect in the investigation.

seems like a bit of a sham to me.

in other news, ive taken to running 5 miles in the morning, a couple times a week.
im loving the endurance has increased immensely, my stomach is tighter, my leg muscles are more defined, and ive already lost almost 5 pounds
my only beef? my neck muscles are KILLING me!
i must tense up a lot when i run.... is this normal?


also, im fasting from sweets and desserts for a month.
with how often ive had to avoid things and turn certain things down so far, i am excruciatingly aware of how much of that crap i must have eaten on a regular basis before.
its an eye opening, for sure...
crappy food is apparently always readily at my disposal.
stupid job....

Monday, August 18, 2008

i am convinced an iced Americano will cure many more ails than we give it credit for.
just ask me yesterday morning..

so i slept in my car the other night.
long story as to why, but in the end i kinda liked the idea.
got to finally break-in that sleeping bag i got on sale at Dick's about 3 years ago...
it got a wee bit cold around 3am, but it kinda felt like camping.
without the bugs.
reminded me of my homeless weekend in Urban Ministry senior year...


do you have ANY idea how privileged we are?

Mike and i found an absolutely ENORMOUS cantaloupe at Kroger's the other night.





so. West Virginia is gorgeous, by the way.
all that Appalachian country.... wow.
had i actually thought about the fact that id be traveling through such beautiful areas
i would have left earlier in the day...
as it turned out, i hit the mountains just after dark
so rather than enjoying the lovely scenery around me, i had to succumb to ARAA
(Anal-Retentive Animal Awareness)
so as to avoid any nasty run-ins with Bambi and friends...

what a bummer.

but today's my birthday, i have a new purse, i ran 5 miles this morning, and im on my way to Brussels.
ain't nothin' gonna get me down ;-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

(if, in this offering, you see me more than Jesus,
then we have a problem)

"Mommy, when Sarah sings 'How He Loves', I see how much God loves us"

best. compliment. ever.

other news:

* i have a new car. a RELIABLE car, with AIR CONDITIONING, CLOTH seats, and a SMALLER BODY that doesnt require that two side-by-side parking spaces be empty in order to park it into one of them.
the downside: no antenna, which means no ipod hookup....and i have no cds with me except for the new Death Cab. its gonna be a loooooooong drive back to Virginia.... (oh yes, did i mention the car's in Indiana?)

* ive been throwing a lot of things away lately. i like throwing things away.
i like condensing my life and getting rid of the clutter.
it bugs me when i want to just trash something but i know i need to try to sell it or give it to a worthy cause which is always more of a hassle than just throwing it in the garbage.
oh well. such is life.

* i have Aiden-slobber on my shoulder.
yet another reason why i should enjoy my singleness NOW while i can.
(i gotta admit though, he IS the cutest nephew a girl could ask for)

* that stupid waxing gibbous is killing my Perseids viewing.

* life is dealing some crazy blows these days, and not just to me.
what's going on??

Friday, August 08, 2008

15 minutes into the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and im already crying.

happens every year...

Friday, August 01, 2008

i love singing praises to you, Jesus.
i love it that in heaven i'll be able to bust it out even more so than now,
and no one will even care.
no one will praise me or pay me any mind at all, really--
it will ALL be for You,

and you'll be pleased.
you'll smile,
maybe even cry a little..

cause you love me so,
and i love YOU so
and we both get to enjoy each other for eternity

what joy is this