Wednesday, August 27, 2008

here's a random thought for you:

in all those crime investigation shows, when someone gets murdered in a hotel room
have you noticed how they always assume (and are right) that any DNA they find at the crime scene (fingernail clippings, hairs, bodily fluids, etc)
is linked to the murder/suspect/victim somehow?

i mean, really, how do they know its not just a poorly cleaned hotel room?

now, quite obviously iive been in a LOOOOOOT of hotel rooms, most pretty darn clean, but some have been real dives. and sometimes, in the dives AND in the more upscale ones, the cleaning staff misses a thing or two.
take today, for example.
im staying at a very nice, recently renovated Marriott hotel in Orlando.
this morning, as i was drying my hair, i noticed a small fingernail clipping imbedded in the carpet.
mine? certainly not.
i dont blame cleaning crews for this--they do a really good job, most of the time--but obviously, sometimes the vacuum doesnt pick up everything its supposed to.

so what if that hotel room turned into a crime scene?
someone would find that fingernail clipping, run DNA scans, and poor Mr. Billy Bob Jones of Luckenbach, TX would suddenly be pegged as a key suspect in the investigation.

seems like a bit of a sham to me.

in other news, ive taken to running 5 miles in the morning, a couple times a week.
im loving the endurance has increased immensely, my stomach is tighter, my leg muscles are more defined, and ive already lost almost 5 pounds
my only beef? my neck muscles are KILLING me!
i must tense up a lot when i run.... is this normal?


also, im fasting from sweets and desserts for a month.
with how often ive had to avoid things and turn certain things down so far, i am excruciatingly aware of how much of that crap i must have eaten on a regular basis before.
its an eye opening, for sure...
crappy food is apparently always readily at my disposal.
stupid job....

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mike & hilary beckwith said...

point well made. I will happily be your alibi should any crime investigators point a finger.

As for your neck pain, I know a fantastic Chiropractor! ;) I say, quit lookin' so good, you're making the rest of us look bad!

We've been gone some of the time, but I've noticed you've been missing in action, too. I'm guessing you're there when we're not, and vica versa. But hopefully things will calm down a little soon. For me, anyways.

See you Sunday? I'm bringing Mike's younger brother along. We'll see if anyone notices the difference.