Monday, August 18, 2008

i am convinced an iced Americano will cure many more ails than we give it credit for.
just ask me yesterday morning..

so i slept in my car the other night.
long story as to why, but in the end i kinda liked the idea.
got to finally break-in that sleeping bag i got on sale at Dick's about 3 years ago...
it got a wee bit cold around 3am, but it kinda felt like camping.
without the bugs.
reminded me of my homeless weekend in Urban Ministry senior year...


do you have ANY idea how privileged we are?

Mike and i found an absolutely ENORMOUS cantaloupe at Kroger's the other night.





so. West Virginia is gorgeous, by the way.
all that Appalachian country.... wow.
had i actually thought about the fact that id be traveling through such beautiful areas
i would have left earlier in the day...
as it turned out, i hit the mountains just after dark
so rather than enjoying the lovely scenery around me, i had to succumb to ARAA
(Anal-Retentive Animal Awareness)
so as to avoid any nasty run-ins with Bambi and friends...

what a bummer.

but today's my birthday, i have a new purse, i ran 5 miles this morning, and im on my way to Brussels.
ain't nothin' gonna get me down ;-)

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mike & hilary beckwith said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you don't have to sleep in your car tonight.