Tuesday, August 12, 2008

(if, in this offering, you see me more than Jesus,
then we have a problem)

"Mommy, when Sarah sings 'How He Loves', I see how much God loves us"

best. compliment. ever.

other news:

* i have a new car. a RELIABLE car, with AIR CONDITIONING, CLOTH seats, and a SMALLER BODY that doesnt require that two side-by-side parking spaces be empty in order to park it into one of them.
the downside: no antenna, which means no ipod hookup....and i have no cds with me except for the new Death Cab. its gonna be a loooooooong drive back to Virginia.... (oh yes, did i mention the car's in Indiana?)

* ive been throwing a lot of things away lately. i like throwing things away.
i like condensing my life and getting rid of the clutter.
it bugs me when i want to just trash something but i know i need to try to sell it or give it to a worthy cause which is always more of a hassle than just throwing it in the garbage.
oh well. such is life.

* i have Aiden-slobber on my shoulder.
yet another reason why i should enjoy my singleness NOW while i can.
(i gotta admit though, he IS the cutest nephew a girl could ask for)

* that stupid waxing gibbous is killing my Perseids viewing.

* life is dealing some crazy blows these days, and not just to me.
what's going on??

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Mr. Piro said...

My name is Christopher Cambell and I am a Junior at Moody Bible Institute, studying Communication. I am doing something of a research project and was wondering if you would like to participate. The study is of Christian females who blog online. Your name will never be used, but your words may be quoted (as an anonymous surveyor of course) in a paper. If you are interested, please email me your responses to these questions at CHRISTOPHER.N.CAMBELL@MOODY.EDU

1) If someone were to ask you to describe yourself, how would you describe yourself?

2) Is this affected by your affiliation with Christianity? If so, how?

3) What is the purpose of your blogging online?

4) Do you believe the purpose is consistently accomplished?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you and have a nice day,
Christopher Cambell