Friday, March 28, 2008

why does it always have to come at you all at once?

today is a stressful one.
between trying to get two friends out of LAX where theyve been stuck in the airport for the past 13 hours,
trying to coordinate my own flight for tomorrow,
trying to get off work on saturday so i dont have to try to get home tomorrow,
and trying to coordinate the exchange of a vacuum cleaner with my sister's bro-in-law somewhere on route 49 tomorrow.....


but ironically, the rest of my stay has been nothing but lovely.
as always.
these people are nothing short of amazing.
talking with them, being with them, reminds me how terribly blessed i am.
it makes leaving so hard...

im beginning to question (only slightly) my decision to stay in Virginia.
for now, yes, i will stay.
but im floating there...floating instead of doing.
i could be so much more active in my ministry passions in Chicago.
why im not taking advantage of such an opportunity is...a wonder.

but where He leads i will follow,
in His perfect timing.

Friday, March 21, 2008

. : : things : : .

. : : i can now play Hey There Delilah quasi-decently on my guitar--the way its played in the recording, mind you, all plucky like.
im struggle with finger picking and the like, so i consider this a great accomplishment.
(and dont judge me for the song. i like it, even if it is overplayed)

. : : i got asked to photograph a friend's wedding in England.
no idea if i'll actually do it, but it feels nice to be asked.

. : : Prince Caspian is a crazy awesome book that's got Jesus coming out of every line, crease and tittle.
give it a read, if you never have. you won't regret a second of it.
(i particularly enjoy Lewis's playful British idioms, such as "By george, he's a brick, that Trumpkin". HA! brilliant!)

. : : why are there outlets on the ceiling at Starbucks? i dont get it.

. : : we're singing the Sufjan Steven's song To Be Alone With You at our Easter service this sunday.
my church pretty much rocks.

. : : i have a thing for laundromats...

(particularly ones in Brussels with orange washers and dryers)

Friday, March 14, 2008

peeves and uncertainty

i hate it when people use adverbs incorrectly.
it's not "drive careful" or "act different"
you're killin' me, Smalls!

(there is absolutely nothing new to report)

i am continually wondering if im "ready"
(in regards to SO many things in my life),
and i think the answer is still no.

but....are we ever really ready?
i mean, maybe we are, but we just dont feel like it.

i hope thats the case here, cause i really WANT to be ready.
the next phase would be nice... i could use the change.

Monday, March 10, 2008

sometimes i can't believe i get paid to do what i do.
other times, i can't believe i don't get paid more to do what i do.

photoshop excites me.
as do sunny days, beautiful photography at unique coffee shops, and old friends.
oh and tile floors.
i love tile floors,
cool ceramic under my bare feet...

i cant believe im vacationing in the desert.
ME, of all people.
ME, who loves mountains, cool breezes, and all things green and leafy.

anyone want to go to russia with me?
i want to go, but not alone.