Friday, March 21, 2008

. : : things : : .

. : : i can now play Hey There Delilah quasi-decently on my guitar--the way its played in the recording, mind you, all plucky like.
im struggle with finger picking and the like, so i consider this a great accomplishment.
(and dont judge me for the song. i like it, even if it is overplayed)

. : : i got asked to photograph a friend's wedding in England.
no idea if i'll actually do it, but it feels nice to be asked.

. : : Prince Caspian is a crazy awesome book that's got Jesus coming out of every line, crease and tittle.
give it a read, if you never have. you won't regret a second of it.
(i particularly enjoy Lewis's playful British idioms, such as "By george, he's a brick, that Trumpkin". HA! brilliant!)

. : : why are there outlets on the ceiling at Starbucks? i dont get it.

. : : we're singing the Sufjan Steven's song To Be Alone With You at our Easter service this sunday.
my church pretty much rocks.

. : : i have a thing for laundromats...

(particularly ones in Brussels with orange washers and dryers)


Kelly said...

did you decide about the wedding? I got your sister's email today! I am going to write her soon! ;-) YAY!

Kelly said...

haha you are such a goofball! :-) hahaha... I definitely think that you should do the wedding. you are right about a life have lived....the fact is that hte longer you don't do it is the longer you will spend wishing you did. Ya know? hehe. you ARE a lion... sometimes you just go undercover as a weasle.

jeremy phillips said...

i was told by a friend, who works at starbucks, that those outlets are used for hanging signs that need power. however, i have observed that starbucks rarely uses signs like that and that those outlets are in places that could not be used for signs. so i think that starbucks doesn't really know what they are for, but they do know that whenever it is possible to walk on ceilings, they already have power to charge your computer up there. thats innovation.