Friday, March 28, 2008

why does it always have to come at you all at once?

today is a stressful one.
between trying to get two friends out of LAX where theyve been stuck in the airport for the past 13 hours,
trying to coordinate my own flight for tomorrow,
trying to get off work on saturday so i dont have to try to get home tomorrow,
and trying to coordinate the exchange of a vacuum cleaner with my sister's bro-in-law somewhere on route 49 tomorrow.....


but ironically, the rest of my stay has been nothing but lovely.
as always.
these people are nothing short of amazing.
talking with them, being with them, reminds me how terribly blessed i am.
it makes leaving so hard...

im beginning to question (only slightly) my decision to stay in Virginia.
for now, yes, i will stay.
but im floating there...floating instead of doing.
i could be so much more active in my ministry passions in Chicago.
why im not taking advantage of such an opportunity is...a wonder.

but where He leads i will follow,
in His perfect timing.

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