Saturday, February 16, 2008

i had a really, REALLY good dream last night.
it was truly SUCH a bummer to have to wake up this morning...

in my dream, i met this guy (only in the dream he looked like a mix of himself and Jared Leto):

during a layover in LA
and we struck up a friendship.
hung out for several days,
made his ex-girlfriend jealous,
AND, in the dream, he was a Christian.

it was the craziest thing,
but the dream felt so REAL.
like, nothing was terribly outlandish or absurd, as dreams usually go.

here are my predictions as to WHY i had this dream last night:

* 2 nights ago i was watching some of the latest episodes of this guy's show
(Friday Night Lights) and checking out his bio and stats online
(cause im a silly girl like that)

* last night, i visited briefly with my grandpa, and one of the first things out of his mouth was:
"so are you married yet?"
typical. we seem to always come around to that subject during our visits these days....

*during dinner with mumsy, we talked a lot about Heath and Hollywood, and the great need
for more Christians in the entertainment industry

* somewhere between visiting grandpa and going to bed, i watched the latest episode of
My So-Called Life on, and, well, lets just say NOTHING about that episode
was conducive to aiding in my commitment to NOT dwell on guys and kissing and
such things of the romantical sort.

.:: cue dream ::.

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