Tuesday, May 06, 2008

this just in:

come October, my airline will begin flying trips to

i dont really expect you to understand why im so excited about this.
it's ok that you don't.
im freaking ECSTATIC nonetheless!

we're also going to start flying to Dubai.
but im more excited about Russia.

bring it on.


Eric Spreng said...

um... if someone cannot see why you are excited about that, well, you should not be giving them your url.

Kelly said...


I love it!!! Sorry I didn't reply to the texts and such, i was in Ohio and busy busy... Plus, I try not to text as much because I'm paying fo them, haha... $.15 a pop! :-)

Anyway- so whatcha doin?!

I missed American Idol too, traveling home, so I guess we'll see tonight what happened. :-) Are you going to be home?