Friday, December 12, 2008

so now begins that wonderful time of year where sarah has some choices to make.
fun choices, mind you.
choices liiiiiiike.........where does she want to layover during the holidays?

yes yes, if you'll recall, my company does this lovely little thing called Christmas Wish List.
all reserves who are scheduled to work the holidays are free to submit 3 locations (ANYWHERE United flies) where we would like to layover during Christmas.
they will then try their best to give you one of your choices.
now, it doesnt always happen...i've never actually gotten any of the choices ive submitted, BUT i did get NYC my first year and Honolulu last year, so really...i can't complain ;-)

where should i go for Christmas?

this year im gonna keep it a bit more realistic.... i usually throw one wildcard in there, but this year if i do that im gonna stick with a location that we actually fly to out of our base. like Paris.

so......where else should i go?

i wouldnt mind going where i KNOW people, but then, i also dont want to wreck anyone's holiday plans by dropping in unexpectedly and demanding you take me to all your christmas festivities ;-)

so if you have any suggestions, feel free to share!
and i'll let you know where i end up ;-)


Ally said...

I say San Antonio TX. Warm. Beautiful river walk. Bats. What says Christmas like a swarm of BATS!

Sarah Faith said...


amoslanka said...

portland! except i won't be around.

amoslanka said...

i'll be at my parents' house for christmas and newyears in Nebraska, and might also see some old friends in the Colorado Springs area. Denver is a lovely place to visit, I'm glad you put it on your list.