Monday, May 11, 2009

im really sick of these dreams ive been having.
theyre all of a disastrous nature.
first it was a herd of tornados ripping through my hometown and trying to kill off my entire family.
then it was...something else i cant quite remember (stupid dreams, so elusive), but again, trying to kill off my entire family,
and then last night i, in my selfishness, kill my best friend (long story as to how, but thats the gist).
good gracious, will the destruction ever end???
what is going ON???

on a happier note, i was at Target the other day.
thats it. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Target!

no really, i was at Target and i picked up a few to the cash register, set my items on the belt and noticed: everything i was getting was green.
green t shirt, green umbrella, and two packs of Stride wintergreen gum (YUM!)
kinda funny. the cashier even pointed it out.
how delightful, the little "funnies" of life.

kinda bombed in our worship set yesterday at church.
i had to lead two songs (half the freaking set! geesh) and i was horribly out of practice (my fault).
so every string i hit sounded twangy and my fingers hurt so badly by the end of it... but you know what, so long as Jesus loved it, thats all that matters, right?
still...i hate not stewarding my gifts well.
anyone have a travel guitar they want to give me??? so i can take it on trips? i used to carry Beulah everywhere i went but shes just so flippin' ostentatious... i hated the attention. but i also hate being out of practice....

please? maybe we can take up a fund..?

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mike & hilary said...

I go through phases like that, too (the dreams). Never where I'm on a killing spree (GEEZ, Sarah!) but nonetheless, scary to say the least. it's usually when I'm overtired or over stressed. Stressed much?

And, no I don't have a travel guitar for you...used to have a travel amp, but no guitar. Sorry love