Friday, September 04, 2009

i have the sudden urge to blog.
but i dont really have anything to say.

so.....uh, how's it goin?
you doin good?
im doin good. pretty great actually.
im about to be an aunt to ANOTHER neice or nephew.
my current nephew is growing like a weed and his smiles and kisses can brighten my mood for days on end.

speaking of being happy, i found a tv channel that shows Happy Days 4 times a day.
and not 2 days after discovering it did i get to see my all-time favorite episode (yes, thats right: THE BROWN SUIT!!)
you cant beat that, not with a stick, bat, or cello bow.

other happy news:
*i didnt get furloughed from my airline.
*i recently got one of the best paychecks ive gotten in 2 years.
*i invited the nice Whole Foods guy to church and he's actually coming.
*been taking lots of pretty pictures :)
*i turned 27 (this isnt necessarily happy, but it is news)
*been playing lots of tennis with Melissa (and i use "playing" loosely. i definitely wont be facing off with Serena anytime soon...)

oh yes, and Ally and i tried a Dragonfruit.
have you ever seen a Dragonfruit?
its got to be one of the prettiest fruits in the world--bright hot pink on the outside and a practically neon purple/magenta color on the inside. INSANE!!!
but it tastes nasty.
total fail.

ive had a great urge lately to do some origami.
like this Klingon Bird of Prey:

Spock would be so proud.

tomorrow i play tennis at 10:45 and then go to Zumba at 1:30.
and after that, i die.


Tamara said...

Your happy report has put me in a better mood. I am looking forward to the new Whiteley as well!

Sarah Faith said...

do you think its gonna be a boy or a girl?!?!??! have you heard their name choices?? LOVE them

Anonymous said...
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