Tuesday, July 12, 2011

so i post on facebook a lot of videos and things that tickle my fancy
but sadly this blog has kinda gotten the shaft when it comes to such gems.
therefore, i will now give you a slew of ridiculous, awesome, some-moving, some-funny, some-thought-provoking videos & links


(Katie, you'll appreciate this one)

i am second:
(especially watch Brian Welch's testimony)

something for the funny bone...
i'm fairly certain this is exactly how i looked when i was in ballet

my adorable nephew naming all his trains (in the way only he can)

the kids really seem to like this one. it's super cute

ohhh poor Stanley

me, being silly

me, being even sillier

i ADORE Improv Everywhere and i totally wanna be involved in one of these stagings someday

and then, of course, we have our First World Problems Rap

and then pretty much anything on this site makes me smile:

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Anonymous said...

love that technology post, sarah!