Monday, July 23, 2012

If we're supposed to be "tolerant" and "coexist" and all that jazz, why cant you be tolerant of me if I choose to believe something different than you? Are you only willing to tolerate and coexist with people who share your exact view point? Christ calls us to love, and that's what I strive to do, but loving doesnt mean I agree with how you live your life. I can love without necessarily approving of your lifestyle. I can love without hating you. That's what God does. He loves us, calls us, as we are, in all of our ickiness, to be HIS--but not to STAY THE SAME OR STAY IN OUR SIN. He says "come and be changed", "come and sin no more". I am not perfect. Neither are you. But I love you, in spite of my opinions on how you live your life, because Christ loves me. Because He loves me, I am able to love you. Why cant you return the gesture? Where's the love? 

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