Sunday, June 22, 2008

this actually made me chuckle

mostly, though, because of how it totally outs our upper management as being a) responsible for our current mess, and b) just plain insane.


(Lord, whats my next move? im ready for something to happen. something big, exciting...different.
at least, i THINK im ready...)


Kelly said...

Any options for the next big move? Are we thinking career change? Mission field? I can help come up with some fancy ideas. ;-)

Kelly said...

well, I know you have no money, but what about getting a loan and finding that perfect little nook, renting it and turning it into your dream ministry? We're not getting any younger! :-)

Or. Move to kzoo and marry someone I know and join Pampered Chef?

Or. Start eating TONS of food, gain 300 lbs and join biggest loser, WIN it, then use the money to start your dream ministry.

Or. Call Cedarville, ask Career Services to start giving your resume to churches who need a gal in ministry... in any outlet and see what types of things come in?


Rachel said...

i like kelly's ideas :o)

seriously, though...i think it's time & i think God is pushing your comfort buttons to get you to move...or else He might have to push you :o)