Monday, June 02, 2008

im doin' Los's lil Ragamuffintop Challenge

i dont know if i'll be able to post a photo every week
(dare i be so bold?)
but im definitely in.

goal weight: 130
timeframe: however freaking long it takes!

the last time i was that thin, i wasnt treating my body well at all.
im not going through that again...
this time, its good, its real, its HEALTHY, and its with the support of other lovely bloggers who want to start treating their bodies better

my obvious conundrum will be figuring out how to handle my diet when im working.
this job is the WORST for eating well,
cause sometimes your only options are to starve or to eat one of the ugly sugar-inflated donuts that the captain just bought for your crew...
and when youre gone for days on end, you can only bring so much of your own food...

but by golly, im gonna give it a whirl.
20lbs, my friends.
20lbs....starting now.

today: started in Vegas.
worked out in the morning, but not for too long...
half hour or so.
ate 2 sugar free Jello cups (60 calories each)
and an apricot dried fruit bar (35 cals)
left for the airport at 11:45am (vegas time)
got a sub at Quiznos (im tellin ya, this is how i live. we dont have a lot of options)
got a yogurt at Starbucks
flew from Vegas to in around 9pm
got home around 10ish
made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
and ate a huge bowl of my homemade veggie soup (AMAZING stuff--just tomatoes, squash, zuccini, onions, and spices)
...and then ate some peanut butter straight from the jar.
(yes, im one of those)

not the best day, food wise, but pretty might even call it one of my BETTER food days
(you dont want to know what i had for dinner last night.
it would break your heart)

dont worry, i wont give you a rundown EVERY day.
it helped to lay it all out to begin with though


Gretchin said...


I just joined the Challenge group too! I enjoyed reading a post I can totally relate to. I have started learning to stick to the 2 P's. Portion control and Pacing my self during eating. It really has helped. I just started this past Saturday and I need to lose 50lbs. Uggg But like you said...however long it takes. Glad to me in the challenge with you!

13point1 said...

good luck :) we're all cheering you on!

Tamara said...

The last time I lost 20 pounds was due to a strengent exercise program. My goal is 25pounds. I am working out everyday! I am confident I will loose weight due to my determination. I can imagine with your job this will be a little difficult. But, I am here to support you!

liz said...

i want to be 130 too! i just bought my parents an anniversary cake and have been spooning off the icing for snacks. ahahah.

one time i dropped 20 pounds superfast by eating the following:

oats for breakfast
carrotts and pretzels for snack
tuna for lunch
lettuce in a pita for dinner.

never had to exercise with that one either. but of course you said healthy. the best thing you can do is go strictly veggies and fruits. some even say NO fruit, just veggies. and ESPECIALLY spinach. and with nonmeat nondairy sources of protein. weight will melt off.