Tuesday, July 15, 2008

off to Derby again, as of 6:04 this evening.
i cant believe its been almost 3 years....

God is good.

you know, i think the issue i have with doing wedding photography is the whole public display of affection thing.
unless its in a movie, i dont want to see it.
well, lets amend that...handholding is fine.
but anything beyond that and i get uncomfortable witnessing it first hand.
i guess thats a lovely little hurdle that im just gonna have to get over.

pray i dont botch this up.

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The Family Beckwith said...

I had no idea you were a photographer! I'm sure you'll get over the PDA thing. Weddings can be so much fun, especially when you get to see it from every aspect...as is the privilege of the photographer. Do you have your photos posted somewhere? I'd love to see them. We dabble a little bit, but not enough to do weddings and such.