Thursday, July 24, 2008

so here's a question:
if you mix non-fat milk and half and that essentially the same as just adding 2% in the first place?

oh yes, and the wedding was good.
here are some flowers:

apparently thats the official flower of South Africa (where the groom was from)

the pictures could have been better...but then, i am still learning.
they werent horrible for my first wedding, i guess.

oh yeah, and i flew first class both ways.
man, those lie-flat seats are coooooooooo-zy.

does anyone else feel like blogging incessantly is kind of....self centered? selfish? egotistical?
in a way, its like that one kid on the playground who runs away from everyone who tries to come up and talk to him, simply so he will be chased...
sought after.
we blog to feed our longing for attention.
we want reactions. results. an outcome for our output.
at least for me this can be the case...

maybe thats why my posts are so sparse these days.

just a thought.


super lotto numbers said...
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jeremy phillips said...

i don't know if they have stopped making them yet.
i believe i heard that they wouldn't be made anymore at least by the end of the year.
so you can still buy them in stores, if you can find them. they're more expensive now, of course though.

i know exactly how you feel though.
i just want to be recognized and known for whatever reason.
its stupid.

Hilary & Mike Beckwith said...

I made it to your list! How exciting! Should I feel bad about the blogging comment? ;)

If you ever get a chance to buy a Frankfurtian Gnome, I want in. Pick me out the coolest one you can find! I mean, second to the one you will get for yourself, of course. We'd love to have a playdate, so long as they stay out of the breezeway. That's where they get confiscated.

Glad the wedding went well! See you soon.

Hilary & Mike Beckwith said...

ooh, almost forgot to leave you with this: