Sunday, March 08, 2009

hey so is it true that guys, for the most part, prefer longer hair on girls?

if youre a guy, please share your thoughts.
if youre a girl, well...feel free to speculate.

i must say, if this IS true, then i find it horribly and wonderfully ironic that i look way better with short hair.
my life is just full of ironies these days...

love it :-)


mike & hilary said...

A) I love your haircut. Don't let the boys tell you any different.

B) Boys do seem to like long hair better. I used to have 3 boys roommates, one being my brother, simultaneously dating Mike (years ago). When I chopped off all my hair (it was long enough to donate to locks of love, so you get an idea), they ALL responded with the same "why'd you do that" sort of reaction.

C) (I hope you like your ABC's) Mike has learned that he likes in either way now. He actually tells me it's "cute" sometimes when I cut it. They'll learn to love it.

D) I have Thursday off, but Mike does, too. So...I have a sort of half-day about a late-morning coffee? my treat? text or call me!

mike & hilary said...

double-booooooooooo! I work all day Friday. Okay, well another coffee date down, we'll try again soon, I'm sure.

Oh, and P.S. I do remember the Sufjan Song that you did. It ws beautiful! I love Sufjan. Ironically, I don't own any of his music. I just never got around to buying it I guess. Ever seen The Danielson Famile documentary?

Okay, have fun in Chicago!