Sunday, April 12, 2009

i just realized i know someone in the dc area who has access to lights and softboxes and all kinds of photography toys.
so we're gonna start shooting stuff.

last night was poker night.
Josh won (of course) but both my roommates showed some IMPRESSIVE skills and held on til the bitter end.
i was like the 2nd person to go out. out of like 10 people.
HA! oh well. i bought the prize, so it would have been silly to win anyway.

our fish (well, Carrie's fish), Ruby, died last night trying to escape her bowl.
poor thing.
i do find it a bit ironic though, considering the day....

speaking of which, JESUS ROSE TODAY.
well, not TODAY today. but, you know...
2000 years ago today
(by the way, how long before we start changing that date and saying like "2009 years ago" or something?
ive been hearing "2000 years" for the past 26...shouldnt that number change eventually?)

but yes, anyway....i am eternally greatful for the gift of His grace.
i am a dirty rotten sinner and am ALL too aware of it. but HIS grace and HIS strength and HIS blood are enough to cover me
i am so undeserving, Jesus....
but i love you all the more because of that.

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Ally said...

No way man...Ruby LIVES! :O) Well...more like Ruby...lingers?