Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's distressing to me how subtly Satan twists the Word, causing people to stray. Just now, some random girls came up to me to try to talk to me about the female image of God, how God also has a bride/wife in heaven (or IS also a bride/woman, or something. It got a little convoluted), making the family paradigm we have here on earth an echo of what is in heaven. I tried to be gracious in my responses but it got a little frustrating. Thank you, God, for the wisdom to respond well, but please open their eyes to the truth of Scripture!

"No one ever comes to Christ through an argument"


Tamara said...

I wasn't present for the conversation, so obviously I can't agree or disagree with these girl’s thoughts. However, I will state that there are mysteries about the female nature of God that I don't think Christians fully understand that ARE spoken about in scripture. I think this is spoken about cryptically and isn't meant to be doctrine. However, I think there is truth to it. Specifically, Solomon's personification of wisdom as female in the Proverbs. Then we can also speak of the mystery of the church as a bride, which the Bible references within the whole of scripture. You spoke with girls who may have said some things that were convoluted, but might have also been rooted in some very profound truth. As I mentioned before, I don’t think this is a foundational truth that defines the Christian faith. However, I think it is a reality of the kingdom that is above our understanding.

Sarah Faith said...

i totally hear where youre coming from, Tamara. unfortunately that's definitely NOT what these girls were trying to convince me of. i may be hazy on what exactly they were trying to say, but it wasnt that. what you're saying makes way more sense than what they were trying to put out there.

Tamara said...

I wish I could meet them. I wonder why they believe what they do and why they embraced those ideas. Thank the Lord that I have the Word that directs me and sustains my beliefs.