Sunday, April 27, 2008



JS 001

and now


the years have definitely changed us, but most assuredly for the better.
she is and always will be one of my very favorites :-)

. . . .

do you ever feel like youre wasting your life WAITING for things?

it seems that truly, the majority of my life is spent waiting.
where i work is essentially a waiting room, if you think about it.
we're always waiting for the planes, then waiting for the passengers to get off, then waiting for them to get on, then waiting for the next flight...and we work during the "wait" from one destination to the next, then wait to land and wait to take off again....

and in life im waiting for the next move. the next job. the next task, the next door to open, the next STEP.
(because this isnt where im supposed to be forever...right, Lord..?)

and in my lack-o-love-life, im waiting for the "right" one to come along. and waiting to be ready when(/if) he does (cause im sure as heck not ready now. surprisingly.)

we wait for our mail, for the traffic light, for the next opportunity, for that second smile, for the phone to ring, for the day to be over, for our turn in the game, for results, for a chance to relax, for our turn in the grocery line, for our meals to finish cooking, for the day when we can embrace our loved ones again...

its so very very hard to WAIT.

im not really sure what my point is in all of this....
just sick of waiting.
i dont want to see my life in this way.
i want to see the "waiting" as time to make things happen.
i want to SEIZE this life.
i want to ENJOY it.
waiting doesnt have to be waiting.
we trivialize it to be that, but we should instead be viewing the waiting as just another opportunity to do something else...

is this making any sense?

thoughts please.


jeremy phillips said...

that sounds pretty random.
its funny where you can end up when you're blog hopping. from the way you described him, that sounds exactly like the josh longbrake that is linked on my page. very interesting.
well i hoped you enjoyed whatever i have on my page. i have been a huge slacker with posting this semester. oh well.

dereksweatman said...

yes, phil is an amazing singer and that song is super-rad. anyway, thanks for dropping by my site...come back soon.


Tamara said...

Sarah, I just found your blog through a link off of Rachel's. I really enjoyed reading some snippets. You have a fun writing style.